Do you reckon Australia might be "the clever country" or "the lucky country"?

Answer Reg, you are in brilliant form today...What a great link. I had always been aware of the irony of "the lucky country" in a subliminal sort of way.We can be both, they are not mutually exclusive, b... Read More »

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What is it called when you attack a country outside your country to defend your country?

I cant believe this but is Australia really the most racist country in the world?

Don't believe all the media tells you. They have to have dramas to attract readers.Yes, Australia does have racists, as does any other country including Greece. However, we usually don't care whe... Read More »

What is the most beautiful country around Sydney in your opinion (Australia)?

In my opinion the following are great drives:* Grand Pacific drive - following the coast road from Royal National Park down the coast, over the Sea Cliff bridge, towards Wollongong. * Bells Line ... Read More »

What is the country code for calling australia from america?

To call Australia from America, it requires the country exit code of 011, then Australia's country code which is 61. After dialing the country code, the city code and phone number are required.Sou... Read More »