Do you reccomend facebook or my space?

Answer Absulotely Faceebook cause the only people who sees your profile is your friends.. no one alse

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What is better my space or facebook?

It all depends. I like facebook better because it seems more professional to me. You don't get weird friend request and most of the people on there are on for friends or networking. Most people see... Read More »

Bebo, Facebook or My Space, which is the best?

Bebo is much better less "messy" with its applications than facebook it is all over the place even tho you can arrange it bebo neatly does that for you....hope it helped :)

What does "Line space 27 full" mean on facebook?

Put your helmet on, commencing countdown, engines on...

Who here hates Facebook, My space and twitter star if you hate one of them?

I see most of my friends everyday, so these sites are pointless for me.