Does gettin wisdom teeth there technology to make it hurt less?

Answer If it was me I would not let them use the drugVersed ( Midazolam ) for the procedure.In fact, many people who use Versed for " IV Sedation,Conscious Sedation" Twilight Sedation, during a procedure ... Read More »

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How to Make Headbands Not Hurt?

Headbands are a popular hair accessory that come in a variety of designs. Some are plain in a solid color, while others are fancier and adorned with flowers or jewels. Women love headbands, because... Read More »

How to make braces hurt less?

I use Orajel to stop them from hurting. You just rub it on your gums and it numbs them and makes them feel AMAZING. If you don't want to use a medicine, eat some ice cream or another very cold, sof... Read More »

How do you make a flu shot not hurt?

Tell the patient to relax the arm as much as possible. The needle should be inserted quickly. Then the vaccine should be injected slowly so the least muscle fibers as possible are damaged by the va... Read More »