Do you really want to hurt me!?

Answer No. Did your son like human centipede?

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Do tattos hurt i really want to know?

I have three tattoos. It's not that bad, trust me. Just like childbirth, if it was awful, women woudn't do it over and over! A few minutes into the tattoo, your endorphines will kick in and you won... Read More »

I want 2 get my ears pierced really bad!! does it hurt?

Just a little, it's like a little sting, you can do it!

I really want to talk via email to an American, I want to train my English?

If you want to talk to a railroader, you're in the right place.See the menu bar under your question? See the little "f" in the blue square? Hit it. It'll take you to FaceBook.

Deep down, don't you ever really, really want a bacon sandwich?

The only meat I want to wrap my mouth around is your lovely tail, Grottykins!