Do you really trust the info that you get from Wikipedia?

Answer With the exception of articles dealing with politically charged issues, yes. However, I have extensive experience editing Wikipedia and can quickly determine from the editing history and talk page ... Read More »

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Can I trust the info that Wikipedia gives?

No, you should not. It can be edited by anyone in the world! I once did a research report, and I used Wkipedia, and I got the wrong info.

Is wikipedia really a bad source of info?

No, in my opinion, it isn't a bad source of information usually, because it does have most of the right information and many people do put the right info, but there are a few that always have to pu... Read More »

Can you really trust wikipedia?

Much of what you read can be trusted for a pedestrian perusal of a subject. But I prefer to use the citations and sources listed at the bottom of the wikis for more complete and accurate informati... Read More »

Is it true that anyone can put up info on wikipedia?

Ya, anyone could go on wikipedia and put up information but the site checks if its right.