Do you really need a drug card?

Answer On One Hand: Not A RequirementA prescription drug card isn't mandatory. Pharmacies will take cash or a credit card for your prescription purchases. All that is required is a valid prescription for ... Read More »

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What is a Prescription Drug Savings or Discount Card can USA Drug Plan site help?

USA Drug Plan offers substantial discounts on all brand-name and generic drugs according to my reading on the net. But how substantial you ask? In brief, you can save as a member an average of 12.5... Read More »

Do you really need an SD card for a Garmin GPS?

A Garmin GPS functions in the same manner weather there is or is not an SD card in the data slot. However, some Garmin devices, like the Nuvi model, can import pictures from the SD card to view pho... Read More »

Do I really need a new motherboard to install a graphics card?

Okay.... Hp and people like that want you to buy a new computer to make them money. Most of the time they are feeding you lies. If your motherboard has a pci-e 1.0 16x slot or above with a sufficie... Read More »

Do I really need a USB Drive AND SD Card to back up my new laptop and smartphone?

If your smart phone has a PC companion program, you back you phone contact up to you PC the back up all to an external hard drive. That 32GB has to hold music and pictures. I have 3 back up's runni... Read More »