Do you really laugh out loud at responses that make you type "lol"?

Answer yes

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How to Laugh out Loud?

Laughing out loud is good for your health, an obvious sign of happiness, and contagious and therefore essential practice for cheering up a grumpy group of people.

What YouTube movie made you laugh out loud?

Okay I'm not a fan of David Letterman or Richard Simmons but every time I watch this I'm cracking up. The ending is the funniest part.

Why when I turn on my computer does it make a loud humming noise It only last a few minutes, but it is loud.?

It may be the fans spinning up and getting warm.It might be the hard drive, but that should only be a few seconds, other than the 'chatter' as it is accessed to start the OS.I would check the fans.... Read More »

What type of speakers are the best for listening to music loud, like, for a party?

High-sensitivity sound-reinforcement speakers, as would be used for a concert or disco/club.If you will need them only once, or not very often, they can be rented from professional sound-and-lighti... Read More »