Do you really laugh out loud at responses that make you type "lol"?

Answer yes

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How to Laugh out Loud?

Laughing out loud is good for your health, an obvious sign of happiness, and contagious and therefore essential practice for cheering up a grumpy group of people.

What YouTube movie made you laugh out loud?

Okay I'm not a fan of David Letterman or Richard Simmons but every time I watch this I'm cracking up. The ending is the funniest part.

What has your child innocently said that made you either laugh really hard or embarrassed?

ohh thas funny!!My baby is too young to talk but this little kid about 5 years old came up to me in Wendys and said with this really serious face.. "I like your baby. I know you had sex. Because th... Read More »

How to Make Your Exhaust Sound Really Loud?

Many car owners use their vehicles to express their individuality and personality. Modifying your exhaust to sound really loud is one form of expression while behind the wheel of a car and it can ... Read More »