Do you really LOL when you LOL?

Answer occassionally there's a genuine LOL but what is embarassing is when you actually say LOL in real life conversation... think it means too much time on the net, ;)

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Im vegetarian , Is it really okay to eat meat when im really really hungry during school ?

If you really was a vegetarian who loved animals, you wouldnt want to eat meat! :S Bring in a pack lunch, wait till you get home, have a good breakfast! Your school cant just have rows of meat and ... Read More »

On a very hot day when you're really, really thirsty, which would you rather have?

Why can't my eyes focus when I am really, really tired?

When you get tired like that, all of the muscles in your body, including the ones in your eyes, don't work as well because they need rest.

I think I have a serious problem. I've been having really REALLY bad bleeding when I poo. can it be cancer?

Fresh, red blood means that there is a cut, tear, fissure, or ulcer close to the rectum. It can be very painful. You need to go see your doctor for treatment. (if the blood were dark red that is mo... Read More »