Do you put an apostrophe after a name that ends in"s"?

Answer According to the Associated Press Style Guide posted by Boston University, to form the possessive of names or plurals ending in "s," put an apostrophe after the "s" as in "Descartes' theories" or "... Read More »

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How will you know that you are pregnant if you have sex on the day after your menstruation ends?

Answer you have to wait until your next period due date and see if you missed your period but i sure you might not be pregnancy the reason why? a women gets pregnancy once they finish their period... Read More »

What kind of file has a name that ends with GIF?

The .GIF file extension indicates an image file, such as clip art, basic animation or Web navigation buttons. GIF stands for Graphical Interchange Format file. This file type is commonly used for W... Read More »

How to Use an Apostrophe After a Date?

When you write a date in formal writing, format the date and the punctuation properly to ensure accuracy. Although there may be times when you add an "s" after a date, unless the date shows possess... Read More »

When does an apostrophe go after the s?

Plural nouns that end in "s" use only an apostrophe after the "s." Singular and plural proper nouns that end in "s," such as James or the Joneses, place an apostrophe after the "s."References:Purdu... Read More »