Do you prune shrubs in January?

Answer Yes and no. You prune shrubs in January if that's the time of their regular pruning schedule. In that case, winter time pruning tends to be done in January.But pruning most definitely may be done i... Read More »

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How do I prune old shrubs?

When to PruneThin out evergreen and deciduous shrubs grown for foliage in late winter, before new growth starts. Prune spring blooming shrubs in early summer, after they have flowered. Prune shrubs... Read More »

How to Prune Shrubs?

Pruning is an important part of maintaining healthy shrubs. Pruning shrubs is typically done to stimulate the direction of new growth or to thin the excessive growth of a shrub. Each method require... Read More »

How do i prune flowering shrubs?

TimingPrune your flowering shrubs in the spring, after the blooms are faded. New blossoms grow on branches that are 1 year old, so by waiting until the blooms fade you encourage new blossoms on the... Read More »

How do i prune my shrubs into shapes?

DesignStudy the shrub to see its natural shape, and design a shape around its natural growth patterns. Clean and sharpen pruning tools.PruningTrim out old, dead, and diseased wood first. Then remov... Read More »