How to Buy a Promise Ring?

Answer Need a promise ring?

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How to Keep a Promise?

Is promising to do a friend's homework something you will keep?Promises are one of the things that make the world go round! They allow loans to be made, stock to be stocked, workers to work; they p... Read More »

How to Give a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a symbol of commitment and is often seen as a pre-engagement ring. However, it can be given for many different reasons -- as a symbol of chastity, loyalty, monogamy, friendship, o... Read More »

How to Forgive a Promise Breaker?

Promises are like crying babies in a theater, they should be carried out at once. ~Norman Vincent PealeAssociating with a person who makes a lot of promises but consistently breaks them, or simply ... Read More »

Can i add a diamond to my promise ring?

Yes. Just as you can replace a ring's stone with a larger or different stone, you can replace a CZ or other simulated diamond with a real diamond. If your ring currently has no setting, a custom je... Read More »