Do you prefer to workout in the morning or in the afternoon?

Answer I love working out in the morning and getting it over with. I go outside and hang with my friends in the afternoon and I'd rather do that then be at the gym.

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When is morning, afternoon&evening?

Morning starts around dawn and lasts until noon, although it can also be defined as starting at 12:01 a.m. and lasting until 11:59 a.m. Afternoon starts at noon and lasts until sunset. Evening is f... Read More »

Took two one a day vitamin B complex accidentally. One in the morning then in the afternoon ?

You will survive!No problem.Urine will look a little more brighter than usual but don't sweat.

Can allergies cause swelling under both eyes in the morning that goes away in the afternoon and has lasted for 2.5 weeks?

Answer Yes. It is very common for allergies to affect the eyes in a variety of ways. While this is common, it should be taken seriously. See a doctor while the symptoms are visible.

Every morning and afternoon I get really dizzy light headed and have no idea where I am is it low blood sugar?

I can't tell if your blood sugar is low, you need to have it tested. I does sound like hypoglycemia (low glucose). The symptoms you have should be checked by your physician they could be serious. I... Read More »