Do you prefer fried eggs or scramble?

Answer Over easy

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Steak & Eggs Salami & Eggs Pepperoni & Eggs Or Turkey & Eggs Which would you prefer more?

Steak and Eggs!!! Breakfast of champions! Add some nice hashbrowns and a biscouit and a dark beer and I am ready to go!Enjoy yourself scooter, I am sure we'll still be here when you get back!

How to Scramble Eggs in a Microwave?

If you're tired of dealing with burnt saucepans and too much clutter / mess in the kitchen or you're just looking for a faster way to make breakfast, scrambling eggs in a microwave is quick, easy a... Read More »

Tips on perfect scramble eggs?

I make mine with shredded cheese (cheddar and parm), a little milk, salt, pepper and onion powder.A couple of tips would be...preheat your skillet, but don't get it too hot.Use butter or a non stic... Read More »

Can you use canola oil to scramble eggs instead of butter?

On One Hand: Canola Oil Serves the Same FunctionCanola oil will serve the same function as melted butter for coating a frying pan and cooking scrambled eggs, as will any cooking oil, shortening or ... Read More »