Do you prefer bottled water over "tap" water Why?

Answer Tap water is fresher and I do use it. I bottle up my own from the water filter.

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Do you prefer to drink tap water or bottled water?

Tap water through a filter.Just because it's in a bottle doesn't mean that it's better. Some of it actually is tap water.

Do you prefer your water bottled?

I have to say that I dislike both bottled water and water from the tap, but as far as bottled water goes, I enjoy water with slight flavor. I'm trying to get back into the habit of drinking at leas... Read More »

Do you prefer a specific bottled water?

I drink tap water, which I think is fine. I think the whole bottled water business is a waste of resources and a waste of money.

Do you drink Bottled water, tap water, or filtered tap water?

I drink about 5 water bottles a day during the week days.During the weekends, if I'm at home, I just drink the filtered tap water, by refilling one water bottle all weekend.