Do you prefer red apples or green apples?

Answer None.. I hate apples.. :/

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Where do oranges and apples come from?

How many fruits (apples/oranges/melons) can you fit into your?

Burger king family feud: Name a fruit that goes well with salad. A. Oranges B. Grapes/Raisins C. Apples?

I've put every one of those in a summer pasta salad. Very strange question. For tossed salad, I would go with apples. I use dried cranberries in salad, so the raisin's would go well too.FYI: As ... Read More »

3 boxes of equal fruits,apple,orange and pears.take away 38 pears and some apples and oranges, you are left?

This is not a preschool question. Try putting it in "homework help"; you may find those who can answer your question.