Do you prefer Red or White?

Answer Red for me, too.They have greater body than whites and a larger range of flavors. I.e. whites haven't "ground" flavors. Whites switch easily their taste if you serve them at wrong temperature, Reds... Read More »

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Which do you prefer, red or white wine?

I don't drink a lot of I go for cheap. Also I prefer dessert wines. I like Asti's, Spumantes, Rieslings and also a Gewurztraminer.

Black or white underwear. Which do you prefer?

Do you prefer milk, dark, or white chocolate?

What do you prefer- Milk, dark or white Chocolate?

My favorite type is Terra Nostra Rice milk chocolate. One of the V%V regulars told about it a few months ago.I never thought I'd eat a creamy version of vegan chocolate.I'm glad he told me about it... Read More »