Do you prefer Multiply, Mash, MySpace or other (specify)?

Answer I like Yahoo!Mash (Beta) because it is highly customizable. One of the down-sides is that there is NO Blogging module (which is OK with me).

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Questions about Multiply and Mash?

Yes, on Multiply you can set everything so only your contacts can view what is on your site. I don't think you can prevent others from finding you there, but if you set everything to Contacts Only,... Read More »

Do you prefer facebook or myspace?

facebook, and i like the old one.=)myspace is unsafe, and 71% of people on that are hackers, and lie!

Poll: Do you prefer Myspace or Facebook?

Facebook.I'm aged 30 years old and I think that Facebook targets my particular age group perfectly. Most of my similar aged friends also use Facebook.I think Myspace targets the younger teenage Int... Read More »

Do you prefer Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter, and why?

i like myspace. because twitter, you just put what you're doing. and that's it. you can't put anything like badges, or videos, or pics, as far as i know. facebook, my sister has one, and it's reall... Read More »