Do you prefer Microsoft or apple?

Answer micro*why are people giving thumbs down to these answers!! there is no right or wrong!*

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Microsoft Excel - compatibility between Microsoft and Apple computers?

This should be fine as office for Mac 2011 supports and uses macros. If you want to know for sure just ask your co-worker to download a free trial of office 2011 for mac and test it out. If it does... Read More »

Does anybody here prefer pc's to mac's or any apple?

Well I have always used a PC and still am macs seem cool never had one.Tho i want to get the iphone 3G which looks sweet!.

Would you prefer windows or apple mac Why?

i love my macbook pro.i've used both windows and apple computers and macs seem to be so much more user friendly. macs are more simple and easier to use. if you're doing any kind of art and design w... Read More »

Which do you prefer, Linux or Microsoft Why?

I have just switched to MAC and it seems to be so much better then the crash prone vunerable to virus' windblows OS