Do you prefer Microsoft or Google to rule internet?

Answer Competition is the best for us, regular users. So I prefer Google fighting with Microsoft fighting with Yahoo. Let the big guys fight to serve us better!

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Do you prefer Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox?

Firefox is crap.It is very overrated, used mostly by pimply-faced, male, adolescent, fanboys, who are badly in need of female compansionship.. People of their ilk wouln't have a clue how to properl... Read More »

Do you prefer Microsoft or apple?

micro*why are people giving thumbs down to these answers!! there is no right or wrong!*

Which do you prefer, Linux or Microsoft Why?

I have just switched to MAC and it seems to be so much better then the crash prone vunerable to virus' windblows OS

Do you prefer google or yahoo?

I always use google when making searches on random subjects. I feel it is possibly slightly more thorough and accurate than all its rival search engines, although this may well be not true.