Do you prefer Microsoft or Google to rule internet?

Answer Competition is the best for us, regular users. So I prefer Google fighting with Microsoft fighting with Yahoo. Let the big guys fight to serve us better!

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Do you prefer Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox?

Firefox is crap.It is very overrated, used mostly by pimply-faced, male, adolescent, fanboys, who are badly in need of female compansionship.. People of their ilk wouln't have a clue how to properl... Read More »

Do you prefer Microsoft or apple?

micro*why are people giving thumbs down to these answers!! there is no right or wrong!*

Do you prefer google or yahoo?

I always use google when making searches on random subjects. I feel it is possibly slightly more thorough and accurate than all its rival search engines, although this may well be not true.

Did you know that if you type google into google you can break the internet?

I dont wanna try it.But GOOGLE is smart enough. it cannot break things.Do you think Google doesnt have any test engineers to try out different searches?Google infact does some amazing things on int... Read More »