Do you prefer Firefox or I.E?

Answer Firefox, but with he "IEVIEW" add on that opens specific pages in IE. You need this for the sites eg banking, shopping, that insist on using active-x

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Which one do you prefer Firefox or Internet Explorer and why?

Which do you prefer, firefox or google chrome and why?

I like how Firefox is laid out and how it works. FF has bugs right now to work out, but I tried Chrome and it's tabbing didn't work right for me. I had YahooAnswers on only the second tab and I cou... Read More »

Do you prefer Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox?

Firefox is crap.It is very overrated, used mostly by pimply-faced, male, adolescent, fanboys, who are badly in need of female compansionship.. People of their ilk wouln't have a clue how to properl... Read More »

Which do you prefer: Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Also which fizzy drink do you prefer?

I prefer the flavour or Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max. Normal coke is OK but diet coke has a thinner flavour.My favourite used to be Virgin Cola but they stopped making it so now I suppose my favourite ... Read More »