Do you prefer Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter, and why?

Answer i like myspace. because twitter, you just put what you're doing. and that's it. you can't put anything like badges, or videos, or pics, as far as i know. facebook, my sister has one, and it's reall... Read More »

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Which do you prefer, facebook, myspace, or twitter?

I'd give them all a try!But I prefer Facebook.

Which do you prefer Myspace,Facebook,Bebo or Twitter?

facebook msn tech news done surveyBebo10%Facebook68%Faceparty1%Friends Reunited2%MySpace4%Tagged1%Twitter3%Windows Live Spaces5%Other6%

Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

I prefer Twitter because it's easier to engage in conversation with people. It can also make you famous! I got a retweet from Wil Wheaton last night and I got quite a few followers from it. Faceboo... Read More »

What do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are different mediums to socialize.Facebook is engrossing format allowing more conversation with photos, videos, messages, groups.While Twitter is for quick communication in le... Read More »