Can a girl on the Sims2 get pregnant?

Answer A female Sim can become pregnant in the Sims 2 if a male Sim and a female Sim lie on the same bed and interact using the "Try for Baby" command.References:IGN: The Sims 2 Pregnancy and Baby Care FAQ

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How to Fix Your Bodyshop Settings in Sims2?

Body Shop will reduce texture sizes of images used in project, so all of your Body Shop projects are blurry, pixellated, or crunchy.This can become enabled even if your projects were fine before, e... Read More »

Can you use adobe reader for sims2?

It isn't possible to play Sims 2 with Adobe Reader, because Reader is designed only for viewing and handling files in Adobe's Portable Data Format (PDF). However, on many websites you can download ... Read More »

How to Learn to Smustle Dance (Sims2)?

A fun way to dance on Sims 2 is smustle dance. Smustle dancing is when a group of sims dance together, normally at a nightclub but can be done at any stereo.

Is there a way to make Sims2 not full screen?

WORKS ON ALL OF THE SIMS 2 AND EXPANSION PACKSTo make it not full screen, right click on its icon on the desktop and then go to properties>in the target area it should say: "C:\Program Files\EA GAM... Read More »