Do you plant the eyes of the potato up or down when planting seed potatoes?

Answer When you plant potatoes from seed, they need to go in the ground with the eyes facing up. A common way of planting them is to plant them in small mounds, approximately 3 to 4 inches deep with 2 see... Read More »

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Do You Plant the Eyes of the Potato Up or Down When Planting Seed Potatoes?

Seed potatoes must be planted with their eyes facing up in order to grow. Gardeners should plant them about three to four inches below the soil's surface for best results. Does this... Read More »

Do you plant potatoes with the eyes (buds) facing up or down?

It doesn't matter much, but technically the eyes should point up, because they will turn into stems and leaves.If you plant them the other way, the plant will right itself soon enough.After you cut... Read More »

Do You Plant Potato Pieces With the Eyes Up or Down?

Potato pieces, also called seed potatoes, are typically cured for a couple of days before being planted with the eyes facing up. Planting them while they are freshly cut invites disease and rot for... Read More »

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