Do you pay tuition every year you attend school(college and/or university?

Answer Yes that is for every year but there are scholarships you can apply for as well as grants(pell and Hope) that can help reduce your cost. Also staying on campus is a big part of that price too. Good... Read More »

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I am J-2 visa, would like to attend com. college. will i be considered resident (tuition purpose) after 1 year?

I don't believe so. I think you need to have at least a Green Card, or if you are under 25, I think your parent's would have to live in the community and have at least a Green Card. US colleges do ... Read More »

The university should reduce tuition for those students who maintained an A average during the previous year.?

The problem with that is that it would encourage students to get pointless degrees. For instance: I have a bad GPA but I have a Civil Engineering degree... yet another student has a great GPA but i... Read More »

The Average University Tuition in Canada?

Students in Canada pay fees to attend university. The average tuition costs vary by province and program type. According to the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, there are 90 univ... Read More »

University of hawaii and out of state tuition?

Read the below link.Establishing residency is a lot harder (and in your case very expensive) than people realize. Of course, so is the 25K a year price tag.