Do you pay income taxes on donated stock?

Answer According to the Motley Fool, donating stock directly to a charity avoids having to realize gain on any appreciation, so taxes are not paid. If you sell the stock first and then donate the proceeds... Read More »

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How to Deduct Stock Loss on Income Taxes?

When you buy a stock, you hope that the value will go up and you will make money on that stock (also known as a security). When you make money on a stock or other asset, you have a capital gain, an... Read More »

How to Report a Loss on a Stock Sale on Your Personal Income Taxes?

Stocks are a common investment vehicle. Stocks can help fund retirement, college educations and many other dreams and desires. Stocks can gain value over a period of time, but they can also just as... Read More »

Value of Donated Cell Phones for Taxes?

A taxpayer can donate a cell phone to a qualified organization and deduct the fair-market value of the cell phone. Donation are deductible if the taxpayer itemizes his deductions on Form 1040 Sched... Read More »

How Much Would I Get Back on My Taxes if I Donated Money to Charity?

The amount that you get back from a charitable donation depends on your tax bracket. For example, if you fall in the 28 percent tax bracket and you make a $100 donation, your taxes would decrease b... Read More »