Do you pay for a second Gardasil shot?

Answer On One Hand: Those Who are InsuredSeveral health insurance companies do cover the cost of the vaccine. Generally there is a one-time fee or just the co-pay for the vaccine and you are not required ... Read More »

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The dangers of the gardasil shot!!! PLEASE READ!!!!?

IF I have a daughter she is not getting this shot. I had a argument with my husband about this shot. I said its not been tested enough and being rushed out. I basically said we have another pote... Read More »

Does it hurt to have a gardasil shot?

The Gardasil shot hurts worse than almost any other shot I can think of. I got all three rounds of Gardasil last year. I got three other shots at the time of the first Gardasil (flu shot, tetanus s... Read More »

You paid to get a flu shot a month ago Now your work is giving these for free Should you get a second flu shot?

AnswerNo, not if it is the same exact vaccine, there are no benefits to receiving the same shot twice when you are an adult (children need to get flu vaccines in a series of two vaccinations if the... Read More »

How do you do the second level of one shot one kill?