Do you pay child support when you have 50 percent custody?

Answer Based on North Carolina Law and Florida Law, if you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have 50% custody awarded to either spouse, child support will be shared by both parents and in the e... Read More »

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Does the mother have custody when the child lives with her and the father pays child support?

Answer Custody is usually granted by the courts during divorce procedings. Custody is granted by the courts and not determined by who the child lives with. Custody may be granted to the father, th... Read More »

Do you pay child support when you have joint custody?

You may have to pay child support when you have joint custody depending on the type of joint custody. If the child spends equal amounts of time with you and the other parent, then you may share phy... Read More »

Why does your boyfriend have to pay child support when he has joint custody of his kids you live together and have a child of your own?

The answer is simple: Child support is paid to the parent who has physical custody of the children by the parent who does not support the children in a residential setting on a daily basis. The chi... Read More »

When both parents have equal custody who pays for child support?

The one with the high income alhough this more often applies to fathers since they usually have the higher income.