Do you pay Social Security tax on unemployment compensation?

Answer No Social Security taxes are paid on unemployment benefit income. For unemployed workers filing their 2009 federal tax returns, the IRS exempts income tax from the first $2,400 of unemployment bene... Read More »

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Can you apply for Social Security Disability while drawing unemployment compensation?

Generally speaking, no, you cannot receive unemployment benefits after you apply for social security disability. This is because you have to be looking for work and just can't find any to draw unem... Read More »

Can someone on Social Security disability also collect unemployment compensation?

Many countries have better health care coverage than we do. German health care is very good and they cover all of their people. The Swiss and Swedes have excellant care, but they pay high taxes for... Read More »

Can you receive Social Security benefits and VA disability compensation in the same time?

Yes absolutely, my father receives both. Keep in mind that the Government doesn't like giving away money and they WILL send you around in circles for quite some time.

Can disabled veterans VA compensation or his social security disability insurance be divided in divorce?

VA Disability Compensation should NOT be include in the calculations as income for either spousal and child support AND it is completely a separate property asset that is not divisible. Many family... Read More »