Do you pass stool when you give birth?

Answer Sometimes. There is an awful lot of pushing going on.

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I know this is gross, but I cant pass a hard stool . What should I do. It is almost ready to pass but cant!?

If you are to the point where you sit on the toilet and are straining hard and can feel the stool trying to come out then you are past the point of stool softeners and other things helping.What it ... Read More »

After you give birth how long should you wait to give birth to a baby again?

It is best to wait at least a year to try to get pregnant again so your body can fully heal before going thru the same rough process again. If you get pregnant soon after having a baby the chances ... Read More »

Do you poo when you give birth?

no not always i had a friend who did but i have had 6 other friends who have had babys since then and they havent just try and go a few hours befor you go into labourIt is really common for this to... Read More »

What can I do to pass a hard stool ASAP with minimal straining and pain?

you can try some over the counter medicines such as exlax, senecot, mineral oil or you can get a fleet enema and they usually work right away. good luck