Do you pack lunch to work or you eat out everyday?

Answer Pack a lunch. It saves a lot of money and you can control what you eat...

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SAHM's Do you pack your husband a lunch for work each day?

I used to, I would quite happily stand for ages making healthy sandwiches, even cook bacon the night before so he could have BLT. Or prepare salad to go with the tuna or cheese or whatever he wante... Read More »

What do you bring to lunch everyday?

Is it ok to eat salads everyday for lunch and dinner..?

Absolutely! What's important is a healthy, balanced diet with all of the proper nutrients and enough calories to sustain you. However you wish to eat them is up to you.

What do people bring to lunch everyday to school?

I will make enough dinner the night before so that I can bring left overs the next day, I also like to buy fresh pasta like ravioli or tortellini and cook a portion, let it cool, mix it with my fav... Read More »