Do you only experience pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy?

Answer yes

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When should you start feeling a lot of joint pain during your pregnancy like hip and pelvic pain?

AnswerYou shouldn't, it is not normal. However it is quite common. it is caused by the hormone progesterone relaxing the ligaments and muscles so the joints move more than when not pregnant. It is ... Read More »

When doing sit ups you experience pain lower left side near pelvic hip Could this be grumbling appendix?

No, your appendix is located on your right side over McBurney's point. Maybe inguinal hernia, or condition with your intestines?

You found out that you are 3cm dilated and are experience more braxton hick contractions and a lot of pelvic pain are you going to go into labour soon?

Answer You are already in the first stages of labor. It could become hard labor in a matter of minutes or days. Keep a close eye on things and get to the clinic or hospital (or call your doctor ... Read More »

Is pelvic pain an early pregnancy symptom?

On One Hand: Pelvic Pain May Be a SymptomEarly pregnancy may lead to pelvic pain. This may occur because of cramping from implantation bleeding (spotting that occurs when the egg attaches to the ut... Read More »