Do you need wi-fi to use the internet?

Answer Wi-Fi, which is a type of wireless Internet connection, is not required to browse the Internet. You can plug your computer into a telephone line for dialup and DSL access or through a cable modem f... Read More »

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If you bought an iPhone can you put your vodafone sim card in would you need to amend contract so include unlimited internet what would you need to do?

I have worked in telecoms for over 12 years (now moved out of it) and have had loads of different phones, literally 10 per month sometimes!but i have never had a phone as good as the new iPhone 3GS... Read More »

I need Internet!!!!! NOW!!!!?

well you need a laptop plus a portable internet , you have those like mobile broadband

I've got internet call waiting. What I need to know is do I need to shut my call waiting on my phone?

you need the feature "call waiting on busy" then put in *70 before you put your access-number and your dial-up!

Do i need internet to put music on my psp?

You don't necessarily need internet access to add music to a Playstation. If you have music stored on the internet, you'll need access to transfer it to your PSP; otherwise, you only need a device ... Read More »