Do you need virus protection on a mac computer?

Answer On One Hand: Most Viruses Affect PCsMacs are immune to PC viruses. Currently no significant Mac viruses are in circulation; hackers tend to target the Windows operating system due to the sheer numb... Read More »

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Do i need virus protection for my mac?

On One Hand: Why Virus Protection is NeededWhen Macs were less widespread years ago, few viruses were developed to target these computers, which boasted built-in virus protection. As the popularity... Read More »

The Importance of Computer Virus Protection?

For all the good that technology does for us in our daily lives, people still warp technological advances for malicious ends. Computer viruses provide a perfect example of this nasty truth. Fortun... Read More »

I cant get Virus Protection Pro out off my computer?

What you did was to remove SOME of the spyware.What you have is a classic Smitfraud infection which is caused when the Trojan Zlob gets downloaded to your computer and then Zlob "phones home" to do... Read More »

Do You need virus protection for iPad 2?