Do you need to write that you have email attachments?

Answer On One Hand: An icon usually accompanies an email attachmentWhen you receive an email, you'll generally see a paper clip icon in your inbox and the word "attachment" when you open the email. These ... Read More »

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Should you indicate that you have attachments in an email?

Instead of telling people you included an attachment in an email, ask for permission to send it and tell them what it contains. Let the recipients know what size it is and compress large attachment... Read More »

How big can email attachments be?

Each Internet service provider or online email service sets its own limit on email attachment size, so how big an email attachment can be will vary by the service used. AOL and Gmail, for instance,... Read More »

Managing Email Attachments?

If your job requires that you send and receive a lot of email attachments, you need to know how to manage them. In order to manage your email attachments, you should know how to download, upload an... Read More »

How do I compress email attachments?

Microsoft Windows 7Microsoft Windows 7 has built-in file-compression capabilities that will allow email attachments to be sent to other computers more quickly.Pick the File or Folder and CompressCl... Read More »