Do you need to use 1080p for Blu-Ray?

Answer According to Sony, the minimum resolution requirement for playback of Blu Ray discs is 720p. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a display or TV with 1080p to watch Blu Ray discs. However, 1080p ... Read More »

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Need a new TV, 1080p or 720p?

Depends on how far you're sitting away from the screen. 42" is along the lower end of the spectrum that 1080p makes a significant difference; if you're within 6-8 feet away from the screen I would... Read More »

How close do you need to sit to a 24'' 1080p TV to see the full HD?

The second one is right -- the closer you are to the screen, the better a higher resolution will look.On a 24" screen, the 'full effect' distance for 1080p is about 3 feet.Then again, the 'full eff... Read More »

Do you need 1080p for a 37 lcd inch screen?

Buy LCD TV at No matter what anyone tells you, the human eye can only detect between 720 and 1080 on a 37" screen if you sit closer than about 6 feet from your T... Read More »

Do HDTV's really need 1080p?

The best way I can answer your question is this. Do you need to have a Maserati to drive to the store. Buying more tv, now anyway, than you need is foolish. Broadcasters are only required right now... Read More »