Do you need to take a bath right now?

Answer I don't, but maybe we can take one together:P

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How can you secure bath tub knobs so your toddler cannot take a bath on their own?

AnswerIt depends what type of knobs you have in your bath tub. Go to a hardware store and they can give you some solutions to the problem. It's best to have a lock on your bathroom door (keep a spa... Read More »

A lot of water went into my right ear while taking bath and now it is hurting....What is the remedy?

please try lying on your right side where the ear got water. stay in that position for a while. then you will feel the fluid warmly oozing out from your right ear. if this positioning will not work... Read More »

How to Take a Bath?

Baths are enjoyable. Whether you bathe to clean up or to relax, a bath can be an enjoyable experience. Buy a bath pillow, lie back, put your legs up on the tile, and relax. Some may say that how to... Read More »

How to Take a Bubble Bath?

Bubble baths aren't just for kids. A nice, hot bath is a great way to relax and unwind. Does this Spark an idea?