Do you need to run Windows Firewall if you have a router?

Answer On One Hand: Windows Firewall Filters Some Outbound TrafficA network firewall is a kind of filter for network communication. Some firewalls filter incoming data (from a network, such as the Interne... Read More »

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Why do routers have a firewall when windows has a firewall?

you can leave them both on it is safer one external and one internal.but you can not run two firewalls in the same computer it will slow you down so much it will make your computer useless.☮

AVG 2013 Firewall or Windows 7 Firewall?

both are good .. but i prefer windows 7 firewall

Do I need a software firewall with a router?

On One Hand: Not EssentialRouters are also called hardware firewalls because they make it nearly impossible to find you by the nature of the way they work, according to Firewall Guide. Hardware fir... Read More »

How to Disable Router Firewall?

Disabling the firewall on a router can resolve conflicts caused when both the router's firewall and the operating system's firewall are turned on at the same time. In order for either firewall to f... Read More »