Do you need to remove batteries before using an AC adapter on a tape recorder?

Answer Many manufacturers advise users to remove the batteries from their tape recorders before plugging in the AC adapter or using it for a significant period of time. This may increase battery life and ... Read More »

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Electronic Techs. Plugged in the wrong adapter to my tape recorder Is it possible to have it repaired?

It could be fried. Get an estimate from a repair shop. If it can be repaired it might not be the cost. A new one could be cheaper.

How to Charge Cell Phone Batteries in a Car With an Adapter?

If you are on the road and notice that your cell phone battery is running low or dead, you can actually charge the phone from the car's own power supply. This is useful for restoring a cell phone b... Read More »

What size power adapter would be used for a cordless water pump that takes two double A batteries?

it depends how the batteries are connected. if you put the batteries both in positive side up you probably have a 1.5 volt system. if you put one battery positive side up and one down you probabl... Read More »

Nero won't let me choose a different recorder other than image recorder, I need help to find out what's wrong?

If it keeps rejecting the CD you are attempting to write on, then try a different brand of CD. Make sure the CD is compatible with your hardware.I have had a whole stack of brand new CDs be totall... Read More »