Do you need to remove batteries before using an AC adapter on a tape recorder?

Answer Many manufacturers advise users to remove the batteries from their tape recorders before plugging in the AC adapter or using it for a significant period of time. This may increase battery life and ... Read More »

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Do lithium batteries need to be charged before using?

Lithium batteries do not need to be charged before using. The maximum charging capacity of a lithium battery is already available with the first use. Priming (charging and discharging the batteries... Read More »

Do you need to charge rechargeable batteries before you use?

The best way to do a rechargeable battery is if there is a charge in it is to run the battery completely down. Then charge it completely and it is ready for use. Sometime it takes several charges t... Read More »

Nero won't let me choose a different recorder other than image recorder, I need help to find out what's wrong?

If it keeps rejecting the CD you are attempting to write on, then try a different brand of CD. Make sure the CD is compatible with your hardware.I have had a whole stack of brand new CDs be totall... Read More »

Electronic Techs. Plugged in the wrong adapter to my tape recorder Is it possible to have it repaired?

It could be fried. Get an estimate from a repair shop. If it can be repaired it might not be the cost. A new one could be cheaper.