Do you need to refrigerate olive oil&balsamic dressing?

Answer It is not necessary to refrigerate a plain olive oil and vinegar dressing. However, if you add other ingredients such as fresh herbs to the dressing, you should then store the dressing in the fridg... Read More »

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Is it necessary to refrigerate olive oil after opening?

Olive oil does not have to be refrigerated after opening. In fact, refrigeration can have a negative affect on the oil, as condensation may develop in the container and mix with the oil, taking awa... Read More »

Italian Dressing Ranch Dressing French Dressing Or Russian Dressing Which do u like better on your salad?

I don't use any salad dressing on my salad, but if I had to pick on, it would be Ranch.

Does raw olive oil used as dressing in salads increase fat?

As long as you don't cook olive oil, it is one of the healthiest oils out there. Then again, that does not mean you should abuse it. Olive oil contains a great deal of Omega-3 fatty acids, which ar... Read More »

How to Make Flax and Olive Oil Dressing?

Flaxseed oil and olive oil are good fats to have in your diet. This healthy dressing will add to the health benefits of your salad.