Do you need to refrigerate mustard and ketchup?

Answer Although the natural acidity in both ketchup and mustard allows the products to be initially stored on a shelf, once a ketchup or mustard container is opened, it needs to be refrigerated. Refrigera... Read More »

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Do you have to refrigerate ketchup?

Asking different restaurants if they refrigerate ketchup and mustard there is a difference of opinion on that. However, all through the years I never refrigerated ketchup and it never said you had ... Read More »

Mayonnaise Hot Sauce Ketchup Mustard Or Honey Mustard Sauce Which from this list do u like better?

Good morning (((Scooter)))It's a tie between hot sauce and mustard.(((((hugs)))))–(¯`v´¯)–_-(¯`v´¯)–-(¯`(♥)´¯)_-(¯`(♥)´¯)-–(_.^._)—_-(_.^._) – .√v^√v^√ℭ♄εґḯ

Why do people put ketchup and mustard together?

lol.. I am extremley guilty of the combination.. I can't really explain why, but it tastes really good. Especially with french fries!

Mustard Mayo Ketchup Or Butter on your Sandwich?