Do you need to pay for GPS use like a plan or something?

Answer There is no fee charged to access the basic GPS system. It is a system that was designed by the Department of Defense and then later opened up to public use for free.If you buy a Navigational GPS l... Read More »

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I'd like to buy something from EYN ONLINE and need second opinions?

I bought quite a few things: an Apple notebook, a Nikon camera, an iPad 2 and no matter how unbelievable it sounds...even a 5th wheel camper! I always got free shipping with my purchases, and alway... Read More »

Do I need a good computer to make something like this?

It depends on what you consider a powerful computer. A mac is great for it but if you have any kind of movie software is good too. You have to take a bunch of pictures and stream it together. iMovi... Read More »

What kind of courses would I need for something like child care?

It depends on where you live and what the requirements are. Maybe ask your high school counselor?You want to take courses in early childhood development. If in the U.S. many community colleges ha... Read More »

How thick is 10mil in sheet copper I need to relate it to something I can understand like aluminum foil?

1 mil is 0.001 inches. So 10mil is 0.01 inches thick. I believe aluminum foil is about 0.5mil, so 10mil is approximately as thick as 20sheets of aluminum foil.