Do you need to notify the father if you are giving the child up for adoption?

Answer yes,she is really sad .she was an angel R.I.P

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Does the biological father of a child have any rights to a child if birth mother and presumed birth father put child up for adoption?

Yes. The child cannot be put up for adoption unless both biological parents give up their parental rights so unless you have done that the child can not be adopted unless the court strip you of you... Read More »

I want to give my child up for adoption should i or shouldn't I. I am out of work live with my father an the child's father is not present?

You can give your child up for adoption and still know that it's going to a good home by considering and independent or open adoption. There are SO MANY would be parents out there just waiting to h... Read More »

Does child protective services have a responsibility to notify the father when the children are removed from there mother?

AnswerIf they know where you are, yes. You can always request a placement hearing for temporary custody of the children. It depends how far the case has gone, how far along the mother is in her cas... Read More »

How much do you get paid for giving up a child for adoption?

Nothing. If you are considering placing your child for monetary gain I suggest you go to see a counselor. I placed my beautiful baby girl out of love for her. This should also be your reason. If yo... Read More »