Do you need to keep a light on in a fish tank?

Answer Fish and aquatic plants need a certain amount of light to thrive. Keep aquarium lighting in a fish-only tank on for six to 12 hours a day. Turning the light off helps them rest, just like other ani... Read More »

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Should I Turn the Fish Tank Light Off?

Tillers cultivate soil to prepare it for planting, breaking hard surface dirt, turning compact soil and breaking through weeds. In modern times, tillers come in the form of automatic gas or electri... Read More »

How to Make a Fish Tank Light?

Aquarium lights generally entail using metal halide bulbs. These bulbs simulate sunlight for the fish in your tank. Realistically you can use any kind of light you want. Fluorescent and metal ha... Read More »

How long to keep the light on in a fish tank?

On One Hand: 10 to12 Hours of Light Per DayFish need a resting period, so you should not leave the aquarium light on constantly. According to Aqua-Fish, both fish and aquarium plants require a 10 t... Read More »

Can a betta live in a fish tank with a light?

Bettas can not only live in aquariums with lights, they actually need natural or artificial light to thrive. The website advises turning on the light for at least eight hours a day a... Read More »