Do you need to include a date on academic letters of recommendation?

Answer On One Hand: Check the Applicant's Schools' RequirementsSpecific schools may require dated letters of recommendation to ensure that the candidate's qualifications are still relevant at the time of ... Read More »

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How to Include a Date in a wikiHow Template?

At times, you may wish to automatically organize templates by the date of their application. Here are a few considerations:

How to Include Today's Date in Visual Basic?

Personal computers maintain the system date and time in their BIOS circuits. Not only is this available to your operating system for display, most programming languages also have a way of accessing... Read More »

Does a Notice of Privacy Practices Need to Include an Effective Date?

In an increasingly electronically connected world, private information can be accessed and transferred in the blink of an eye. This technological luxury, however, carries great responsibility. Comp... Read More »

Should I Use the Full Date in Business Letters?

Cantaloupes and muskmelons (Cucumis melo) only grow when soil and air temperatures are warm and there's no threat of frost. In the Northeast, growing melons can be difficult, especially in areas wi... Read More »