Do you need to have proof of insurance with you while driving in Florida?

Answer Answer I could be wrong but I think that Mass. is the only state that doesn't issue ID cards on it's insurance policies to that probably means, yes, you need your ID card in FL. Answer from a Flori... Read More »

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If your insurance will not cover your son during the 6 months he is driving with a learner's permit what happens if he is involved in a car accident while driving with an adult?

Answer Your auto insurance will cover your son while on a lerners permit. Check with your company as some require that he be listed as a driver and you must pay premium while others do not require... Read More »

Do you need additional car insurance while driving from the U.S. into Vancouver B.C.?

Answer No. If you are only vacationing or visiting for a short time.

Can you get your own insurance with a driving permit in California or do you need to wait until you have full license?

Replacement or Additional Vehicle Generally, yes.The needed coverage would be comprehensive and/or collision.MOST auto policies provide coverage for a 'new' (additional) or 'replacement' auto, when... Read More »

Your sisters car that you'd driving have insurance do you need to get non owner insurance?

You need to have your sister schedule you as an covered driver on her auto insurance policy to be covered.Non Owners Insurance will not cover you in any vehicle to which you have regular access.