Do you need to have Canadian insurance to drive your car into Canada?

Answer Car Insurance for Driving in Canada I can't say officially, but I really don't think so. We live about 2 hours from Canada, and everyone in my office has looked at me cross-eyed when I ask this & ... Read More »

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Do i need a passport to fly into Canada from the U.S. if i am Canadian?

A valid passport or a NEXUS card is required for a Canadian returning home from traveling to the United States. A NEXUS card is obtained through an application process coordinated by Canada Border ... Read More »

If you have insurance on your own car and are visiting a friend in another state do you need insurance on your friend's car to drive it for few days?

Answer Generally no, your insurance should extend to any car you drive. Some exceptions do exist like if your were driving professionally say as a limo driver. A quick call to your agent would a... Read More »

What documentation do I need to drive into Canada?

To drive into Canada from the United States, you must show proof of identity and proof of citizenship. Proof of citizenship must be a valid passport, a passport card (limited-use international trav... Read More »

A friend does not have insurance nor a driver's license if you drive his car and you have auto insurance and get into an accident are you covered?