Do you need to have Canadian insurance to drive your car into Canada?

Answer Car Insurance for Driving in Canada I can't say officially, but I really don't think so. We live about 2 hours from Canada, and everyone in my office has looked at me cross-eyed when I ask this & ... Read More »

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Do i need a passport to fly into Canada from the U.S. if i am Canadian?

A valid passport or a NEXUS card is required for a Canadian returning home from traveling to the United States. A NEXUS card is obtained through an application process coordinated by Canada Border ... Read More »

Do you need Canadian money in Canada?

You do not have to have cash in the Canadian currency when you visit Canada, but it will make shopping and getting around easier and cheaper. Retailers and restaurants usually accept Visa or Master... Read More »

How to buy Antivan in Canada through a reputable Canadian website?

I've never had a problem getting physicians to prescribe lethal doses but I am a head case. Gave them up with the morphine last Oct. Just smoke more weed.When I used to get spammed for them it was ... Read More »

Do I need a Canadian permanent resident card if I'm returning to Canada by car?

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, all permanent residents must prove residency status before entering the country, regardless of the method of travel. CIC suggests a permanent reside... Read More »