Do you need to flush baseboard radiators?

Answer On One Hand: Flushing Will Ensure LongevityAll hot water radiators should be flushed two to three times when first installed, says Bill Rayno, an engineer with R and J Consulting in Oakland, Califo... Read More »

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How to Flush Radiators?

The function of a radiator on a vehicle is to reduce the temperature of the coolant, which keeps the engine at proper operating temperatures. Over time, the small ports located inside the radiator ... Read More »

What size baseboard heater do I need?

Electric baseboard heaters are a very efficient alternative to forced air heating. They are a reliable supplement for wood, coal and pellet burners. Perhaps the most useful aspect of baseboard heat... Read More »

2 of our radiators are not getting hot,they need balancing,how do you do this?

Balancing radiators, fairly easy takes a few days to do.First, a few things to bear in mind.Radiators have valves on both ends. The first valve (inlet) is the FLOW valve, the outlet is called the L... Read More »

Why Do I Need a Transmission Flush?

There are differing opinions about whether a transmission flush is needed for a car or not. A flush can be an effective way to clean out the transmission of any buildup, if it is done effectively. ... Read More »