Do you need to change the plumbing if replacing dishwasher with washing machine?

Answer Yes because your dishwasher is connected under your kitchen sink in most cases. You also need a 2" drain line and trap and 1/2 cold/hot water lines.

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How do you get a rusted washing machine hose off the plumbing pipe?

Answer I just removed the very same thing from my 25 year old washer yesterday, and it was very uneventfull because of a few tricks I use from when I rapaired cars. I'll give you the answer in orde... Read More »

Plumbing help! Sink blocked, water flooding out of the washing machine!?

Yes I believe what the other person has said you should get a snake you can buy one at a local hardwood store. If not do you have any friends handy with tools, cause it just might be the elbow is b... Read More »

Do I detach washing machine hoses when replacing a water heater?

No, there is no need to detach washing machine hoses. A water heater is drained of all water before it is replaced, leaving no water in the heater. A hot water faucet should be opened to allow air ... Read More »

How can you plumb in a washing machine and a dishwasher?

There are many variables here. Essentially you'll need the following: A cold feed for the dishwasher, and for the washing machine. A waste outlet for the dishwasher and also for the washing machin... Read More »