Do you need to buy an extended warranty for an LCD TV?

Answer On One Hand: An Extended Warranty May Not Be NecessaryAccording to a 2007 study by Consumer Reports, LCD TVs only had a 3 percent repair rate, making extended warranties unnecessary. The majority o... Read More »

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Do i need the extended warranty from Best Buy?

On One Hand: Provides CoverageThe extended warranty generally covers any electrical or mechanical breakdown to the product for a set amount of time; roughly three years. In the event that this occu... Read More »

How to Buy an Extended Warranty?

Do you even need one? Extended warranty policies can be very expensive. The cost will vary based upon what is covered and the length of coverage If you decide to buy one, don't let the dealer sell ... Read More »

How to Buy an Extended Car Warranty?

Learning how to buy an extended car warranty is important. A warranty is like insurance. You are buying peace of mind to avoid costly surprises. However, you have to decide if buying one makes sens... Read More »

Can you cancel an extended warranty on a Wii?

The Nintendo Wii extended warranty cannot be canceled. Extended warranties are optional to purchase when the original warranty expires. A regular warranty is automatically given to a Wii owner afte... Read More »