Do you need to be a contractor to maintain a condominium complex of 32 units?

Answer Typically, the association's board is interested in working with a vendor who is licensed, bonded and insured. Experience as a contractor can equip the vendor with the knowledge and expertise to ef... Read More »

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In a NJ condominium that you own two or more units would you become a member in bad standing if you paid assessments on one unit and did not pay on the other units?

Regardless of the number of units that you own, you owe assessments on every unit.Read your governing documents to understand your commitment to pay assessments. In addition, you can read the board... Read More »

A condominium a sinking fund to accumulate 250000 in 3 years The fund earns 9 interest pa compounded monthly If there are 200 units in the condominium how much each owner unit will payeach month?

Each unit owner will be required to pay $26.69 monthly for 3 years or 36 payments.. That amount of money will accumulate to $213,802 in those t3 years at a 9% compounded rate, or $36,198 in accumul... Read More »

How do you provide WiFi to a condominium complex?

Answer u set u lil terminals either hidden in every room or u have a larger hub mounted in the hall on every floor.this is for the best connection u can place them outside each room or by floor bu... Read More »

What legal steps must be taken for a condominium complex to become age restricted?

About 20 years ago, it was decided that age restricted communities were not legal. They (the supreme court, I believe) made a decision that this was age discrimination. Another answer: Seek the adv... Read More »