Do you need the protected registration for your domain name?

Answer On One Hand: It adds additional protection and security.Protected registration for your domain names prevents anyone from being able to see the name of the person who has the domain name registered... Read More »

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What is the domain name registration service company in China?

Domains carrying the .cn identifier are officially recognized as top-level domains for mainland China and must be registered through the China Internet Network Information Center. Interested regist... Read More »

Is it possible to have your name on your parents insurance policy if the car loan and the registration are in your name?

Answer This is not a good idea. You need your own insurance policy. There are coverages you do not have by being on your parents policy. You want to be a "named insured". This means that you contro... Read More »

If your name is on your car title and registration can the insurance for your car be under someone else's name?

Answer Yes but the owner needs to be named and all driver info need to be given too.

Why Do I Need a Domain Name?

The concept of "domain name" has been critical to the success of the Internet, although it is not intrinsically necessary for the Internet to function. A domain name provides a relatively easy name... Read More »